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Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Samir featured in Houston Chronicle

Here in Houston there are a handful of churches that would look to help you build your body as much as they build your...

Samir Becic featured on the Chron

Check out Samir's feature here!

Samir Becic Holds Presentation to Over 100 Pastors

Health Fitness Revolution is very honored that our founder, Samir Becic, was able to give a presentation to more than 100 Lutheran pastors from the Texas-Louisiana Gulf...

Texas Monthly- My Response Regarding Religion and Health

Thank you, Hannah Smothers and Texas Monthly, for supporting Health Fitness Revolution with the article you posted on Jan. 25 about The Fittest Churches in...

Samir featured in Christian Post

Christian Today recently ran a story saying that a third of US pastors were obese. It gets worse: it turns out that if you attend...

Samir Becic featured on Christian Today

Check out Samir's feature here!

Samir Becic featured in ABC Estilo

Click here to read Samir’s feature!

Samir Becic Encourages Patriotism in Fight Against Obesity on FOX

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic appeared on Houston’s FOX 26 news to educate listeners on healthy lifestyle and to encourage fitness...

Samir and KSBJ 89.3FM Announce New Project

Starting in 2015, Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic will be expanding his appearances with long-time partner KSBJ 89.3FM Radio. In addition to his weekly segments on Saturdays with...

ReSync Method demonstrated to Pasadena ISD Educators

Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic gave a speech to the educational professionals and parents at Pasadena ISD. He demonstrated his unique ReSync Method...

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