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Samir Becic is a renowned health and fitness expert who has received several prestigious awards, including the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the United States President, a Proclamation from the United States Congress, and a dedicated “Samir Becic Day” recognition from the City of Houston. His dynamic presence serves as a catalyst, urging individuals to unlock their full potential and cultivate a culture of excellence and achievement. For more information, please fill out the form below: 



    Champions of Change: How Samir Becic and Daniel Lubetzky Are Transforming Health Through Advocacy and Entrepreneurship

    Renowned health activist Samir Becic was on a mission during his recent visit to the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. As the founder of...

    Health Fitness Revolution Is A Driving Force Behind Houston Health & Nutrition

    Houston is not regarded as a shining beacon of health and nutrition. Year after year we hold the unenviable title of “Fattest City in...

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