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Champions of Change: How Samir Becic and Daniel Lubetzky Are Transforming Health Through Advocacy and Entrepreneurship

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Renowned health activist Samir Becic was on a mission during his recent visit to the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. As the founder of Health Fitness Revolution and recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Becic has emerged as one of the most formidable voices advocating for improved public health nationwide.

From September 20th-23rd, Becic engaged in high-level discussions with political, business, and academic leaders at the festival on how to empower all Americans through expanded access to fitness resources and education. Through his organization’s efforts and over 2,000 copies of his best-selling book “ReSYNC Your Life” distributed to decision-makers, Becic’s message of hope through preventative wellness has reached millions of people across the country.

While in Austin, Becic also met Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND Snacks. Lubetzky’s entrepreneurial success in turning KIND into the fastest-growing snack company in America is rivaled only by his commitment to using business as a force for social good. Deeply inspired by his father’s story as a Holocaust survivor, Lubetzky has made KIND a champion of kindness through both products and impactful acts of service.

Becic was impressed by Lubetzky’s remarkable journey. “He is among the most inspiring people I heard at the Texas Tribune Festival. His ability to run a successful business while bettering lives and bringing people together is truly admirable. We have many things in common, including our accents, our admiration for President Zelensky, and a desire for expanding health and fitness in America” said Becic. The pair discussed collaborating to promote wellness and community on an even larger scale.

As a 4-time #1 Fitness Trainer in America and Houston’s official “Fitness Czar,” Becic is spearheading the largest population health movement since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990s initiatives for President George Bush Sr.  Since 2020, he has dedicated and sent over 2,000 copies of his book to politicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, and school district leaders to motivate change. This is in addition to ranking and highlighting the 500 most influential celebrities in America (actors, musicians, comedians, chefs) on health and fitness. Through his Health Fitness Revolution organization and advocacy efforts, Samir’s message has directly reached over 16 million people across the U.S. He continues to encourage supportive policies and workplace wellness programs among American leaders.

After leaving his mark on the Texas capitol, Becic continues his tour of elected officials’ offices and boardrooms, building a coalition that may remake the American health experience for generations to come. Under Becic’s vision, a new era of population-level well-being seems destined to take shape.

To see how Samir advocated for fitness on the national political stage at Texas Tribune Fest 2023, click here.

Samir also attended last year’s Texas Tribune Festival, and all the highlights can be seen here.

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