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Renowned Health Advocate Samir Becic Spreads Message of Wellness to U.S. Senators

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Wellness champion Samir Becic, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and recognized with “Samir Becic Day” in Houston, has sent copies of his Amazon best-selling book “ReSYNC Your Life” to all 100 U.S. Senators. The goal is to inspire lawmakers to prioritize the health and fitness of Americans.

Becic’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle among political leaders is not new. In 2021, as part of an earlier campaign, he sent dedicated books to the Top 20 Fittest Senators in America 2020. Each book came with a personal note expressing gratitude to these fit Senators for their dedication to their constituents and the American people. Recently, he expanded this campaign by sending an additional 83 books, ensuring that each U.S. Senator has a copy of his book.

As the founder of Health Fitness Revolution, Becic has a track record of conducting large-scale advocacy campaigns. He is known for his remarkable physical feats, such as running 7 marathons in 8 weeks while wearing a 73.5 lbs weighted vest to raise awareness, and living for 6 weeks with a 200 lbs weighted suit to gain a deeper understanding of obesity. These endeavors exemplify his dedication to promoting healthy living. This initiative and campaign delivers his message of wellness directly to political leaders.

Since 2020, through his Health Fitness Revolution organization and as author of “ReSYNC Your Life”, Becic has delivered over 2,000 copies of his book to politicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, and school district leaders hoping to catalyze change. He also publishes rankings of celebrities’ fitness influence (actors, musicians, comedians, chefs) in an effort reaching over 16 million people. By consistently encouraging workplace programs and policies that support public health, Becic is actively working towards transforming the nation’s health on a grand scale.

As four-time #1 Fitness Trainer in America, Becic’s mission is to engage directly with leaders and place wellness and prevention at the forefront of policy discussions. By delivering his message of wellness directly to political leaders, he hopes to inspire and motivate them to prioritize the health and fitness of their constituents. Through his unwavering commitment to advocacy, Samir Becic is making a significant impact in promoting a healthier and more active nation.

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