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Samir Becic Meets with Texas Higher Education President and Chancellors

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Renowned health advocate Samir Becic, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and honored with “Samir Becic Day” in Houston on January 10th, recently engaged in important conversations at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. As founder of Health Fitness Revolution and a driving force for wellness, Samir met with thought leaders across multiple fields—including media, business, politics, and academia—to further his mission of empowering all Americans through increased access to fitness resources and educational opportunities. Drawing from his extensive accomplishments and wealth of experience, Samir connected with leaders at the festival to strategize ways to advance overall public health and propagate his vision of empowerment through physical activity.

Over the 3-day event, Becic engaged officials from the corridors of power to the halls of academia. He met with University of Houston President Renu Khator, Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp, and Texas Tech University Chancellor Tedd Mitchell to discuss education’s underutilized potential to transform communities’ health. Studies show educated people are more receptive to prevention, which is why Becic believes in advocacy centered on partnerships with higher education institutions.

As Houston’s official Fitness Czar, Samir was proud to support Houston’s own Renu Khator: “As Houston’s Official Fitness Czar, it’s always a pleasure to support the city’s institutions. I enjoyed listening to the incredible University of Houston President and Chancellor Renu Khator on a panel in Austin discussing the building of research powerhouses. President Khator is an inspiration and visionary. She is a powerhouse!”

Samir, the founder of Health Fitness Revolution and author of the Harper Collins published book “ReSYNC Your Life”, is making a significant impact in America. He is spearheading the largest population health movement since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990s initiatives as President George Bush Sr.’s “Fitness Czar”. Since 2020, he has dedicated and sent over 2,000 copies of his book to politicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, and school district leaders, igniting a powerful motivation for change.

Moreover, Samir has undertaken the task of ranking and highlighting the 500 most influential celebrities in America, including actors, musicians, comedians, and chefs, based on their dedication to health and fitness. Through his organization, Health Fitness Revolution, and his unwavering advocacy efforts, Samir’s message has directly reached an astounding 16 million people across the United States. He continues to inspire American leaders, urging them to implement supportive policies and foster workplace wellness programs, ensuring a healthier future for all.

Attendees at the Tribune Festival witnessed firsthand the power and potential of Becic’s message as he continues transforming public discourse on preventative healthcare nationwide. Through relentless advocacy and discussing next steps with leaders, Becic is helping steer America toward a future of sustainable well-being for all.

To see how Samir advocated for fitness on the national political stage at Texas Tribune Fest 2023, click here.

Samir also attended last year’s Texas Tribune Festival, and all the highlights can be seen here.

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