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Continuing the Campaign for Wellness: Samir Becic Engages with National Media at Texas Tribune Festival

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Renowned health advocate Samir Becic, recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and honored with “Samir Becic Day” in Houston on January 10th, recently engaged in important conversations at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. As founder of Health Fitness Revolution and a driving force for wellness, Samir met with thought leaders across multiple fields—including media, business, politics, and academia—to further his mission of empowering all Americans through increased access to fitness resources and educational opportunities. Drawing from his extensive accomplishments and wealth of experience, Samir connected with leaders at the festival to strategize ways to advance overall public health and propagate his vision of empowerment through physical activity.

Over the course of the festival, Samir connected with household names like CNN’s Jake Tapper, CNN’s David Axelrod, Philip Bump of the Washington Post, and Texas Tribune’s own Evan Smith. Through energetic discussions, Samir encouraged support for media exposure to initiatives that can make real change in public health nationwide.

As founder of Health Fitness Revolution and author of the Amazon best-selling book “ReSYNC Your Life“, Samir is spearheading the largest population health movement since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990s initiatives as President George Bush Sr.’s “Fitness Czar”. Since 2020, he has dedicated and sent over 2,000 copies of his book to politicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, and school district leaders to motivate change. This is in addition to ranking and highlighting the 500 most influential celebrities in America (actors, musicians, comedians, chefs) on health and fitness. Through his Health Fitness Revolution organization and advocacy efforts, Samir’s message has directly reached over 16 million people across the U.S. He continues to encourage supportive policies and workplace wellness programs among American leaders.

While at the Texas capitol, Samir continued his campaign by engaging in robust discussions about empowering all Americans through improved access to fitness resources and education.

As a 4-time #1 Fitness Trainer in America and Houston’s official “Fitness Czar”, Samir is transforming public health nationwide through his advocacy work. Attendees at the Texas Tribune Festival got a first-hand look at his meaningful efforts and discussion of next steps to further promote wellness across America. Samir’s impact and message of hope through healthy living is resonating coast to coast.

HFR Founder Samir Becic and Texas Tribune co-founder Evan Smith

Samir also attended last year’s Texas Tribune Festival, and all the highlights can be seen here.

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