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Samir Becic’s Acceptance Speech for “Samir Becic Day” Proclamation

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The City of Houston made a big announcement on January 10, 2023, when the city honored Samir Becic with an official proclamation and his own day.

Becic has been a fixture in Houston’s fitness community for more than 20 years and has worked tirelessly to craft a healthier and fitter city. His work has been so instrumental in building the city’s fitness culture that his name has become synonymous with health and wellness. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that Jan 10, 2023, will be known as “Samir Becic Day!”

In his “Samir Becic Day” acceptance speech at Houston’s City Hall, he addressed Mayor Sylvester Turner and the City Council, thanking them for their acknowledgment and support. He also highlights his 2023 goal of making Houston one of the fittest cities in America.

Here is his speech:

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