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Houston Proclaims January 10, 2023 “Samir Becic Day”

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Houston, we now have a day dedicated to our Fitness Czar, Samir Becic! From now on, January 10th is officially “Samir Becic Day.” Samir is now part of Houston’s history!

Photo Credit: Jeff Syptak

Samir Becic has been a fixture in Houston’s and America’s fitness community for more than 20 years. In that time, he’s worked tirelessly to craft a city that is healthier and fitter—and he’s done it all with the city’s blessing! In fact, Becic’s work has been so instrumental in building the city’s fitness culture that his name has become synonymous with health and wellness. That’s why the team at Health Fitness Revolution is proud to announce that Jan 10, 2023, is the official “Samir Becic Day!” The fitness expert, philanthropist, and entrepreneur is being awarded a proclamation by Mayor Sylvester Turner and the City of Houston. 

In 2018, Mayor Sylvester Turner named him “Houston’s very own Fitness Czar” for his work on the city’s health initiatives. Samir had been advising Mayor Turner on fitness projects in Houston since he was first elected in 2016. Samir has been working tirelessly for two decades to make Houston a healthier place to live and work, he started with Mayor Lee Brown in 2002. 

Today, after 4 years as Houston’s Official “Fitness Czar” and 20 years of volunteering for the city, Samir is receiving a proclamation for his hard work and dedication to the City of Houston, his dedication to health, fitness, and making the world a better place. He has invested this time to not only improving the health of Houstonians but also educating them on how they can take steps toward making their lives healthier.

Samir’s love for the Houston community runs deep. He has garnered an incredible amount of accomplishments under his belt. He truly believes in what he does, and that shows up fully in his role as the official Fitness Czar for the City of Houston. He has worked with different organizations to promote health and fitness in the community, and he is always ready to give back to his city.

Photo Credit: Jeff Syptak

Samir has made a name for himself in the fitness industry as someone who is always striving to reach new heights. He is known for setting extreme fitness goals and breaking records.

This year, his goal is to break another personal record by wearing a 200 lbs weighted vest for 3 miles! In 2016, he completed a 2.87-mile walk while wearing the same vest— this year, he’s aiming to do it further.

But wait: that’s not all! Earlier this year, he decided to partake in another fitness challenge and hike in tough Colorado mountain terrain (up to 47% incline). To take things further, he decided to do the hike with 55+ lbs on his back—and finished with a total of 464 miles! To put things in perspective, that’s the distance from Houston, TX to Lubbock, TX. What a feat!

Aside from his fitness goals, Samir has done a lot of work in community service. Back in 2016, he took the initiative to show the homeless in the Houston area the importance of physical activity and nutrition. 

In addition, he also dedicated many seminars to talking to Houston youth about fitness and nutrition across several school districts.

Photo Credit: Jeff Syptak

Here are some of Samir’s incredible accomplishments that lead to this well-deserved honor:

  • Official Fitness Czar for the city of Houston as proclaimed by Mayor Sylvester Turner in 2018
  • HarperCollins published author of the book “ReSync Your Life”
  • Founder of Health Fitness Revolution Magazine
  • Founder of the Samir Becic Foundation
  • CEO of ReSYNC Enterprises
  • Named the “Best Fitness Trainer in the World” by two-time NBA Championship coach and Olympic gold medalist Rudy Tomjanovich
  • “#1 Fitness Trainer in the World,”- 4 times by Bally Total Fitness
  • #1 Fitness Trainer in Texas,”- 22 times by Bally Total Fitness
  • #1 Fitness Trainer in Houston”- 29 times by Bally Total Fitness
  • “Best of the Best Fitness Trainer”- 2 times by Bally Total Fitness
  • “Best Fitness Director”- 2 times by Bally Total Fitness
  • “Men’s Journal Top Fitness Trainer in America”
  • “Houston Health Warrior” by Health & Fitness Sports Magazine
  • “The Motivator” by the Houston Chronicle
  • Named as a Top 40 “American Dream” immigrant in Houstonia Magazine
  • Chosen among the Top 6 “American Dream” immigrants for a collaborative panel between Interfaith Ministries and Houstonia Magazine
Photo Credit: Jeff Syptak Samir Becic and Mayor Sylvester Turner

Importance of Proclamation: A proclamation is a formal recognition of an event, person, or group that has positively contributed to the city. The mayor issues a proclamation to honor and celebrate something that has had a major impact on the City of Houston. It’s not just about honoring people who have done great things for our city—it’s also about raising awareness for causes that need attention.

Getting a proclamation from the city of Houston is a big honor. Houston is the 4th largest city in America, and Texas is the second-largest state. So when you get a proclamation from them, you know you’re doing something right and it has been officially recognized as important enough to be passed on as part of the historical record.

Photo Credit: Jeff Syptak From left to right: Jimmy Captain, Dijana Becic, Samir Becic, Ares Max Becic, Naomi Ring, Mayor Sylvester Turner

Proclamations are an earned achievement given by the Houston government, in order to commemorate a person’s actions. Getting one means that you are making an impact on the Houston community—and that they recognize it!

Samir’s accomplishments over these past 20 years have been nothing short of amazing, and we’re proud to see him receive this honor from the city of Houston. His dedication to helping people stay healthy has been an inspiration to us all, and he wants to continue this work by showing Houstonians how they can be fit, too! His passion for the city is contagious, and his love for Houston pushes him to continue making positive change as Houston’s “Fitness Czar.”

The entire proclamation was streamed live on HTV, and can be watched below:

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