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Samir Becic is a renowned health and fitness expert who has received several prestigious awards, including the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the United States President, a Proclamation from the United States Congress, and a dedicated “Samir Becic Day” recognition from the City of Houston. His dynamic presence serves as a catalyst, urging individuals to unlock their full potential and cultivate a culture of excellence and achievement. For more information, please fill out the form below: 



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    Samir’s Fitness Prediction Semifinals World Cup 2018

    My fitness analysis for the semifinals is based on an 11 point criteria + 4 undisclosed ones including strength, strength endurance, body composition, cardio,...

    Samir will predict who are the fittest teams of the World Cup 2018 Quarterfinals

    Harper Collins author of the fitness book ReSYNC Your Life, founder of Health Fitness Revolution and 4 times Number 1 fitness trainer in America, Samir Becic,...

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    Samir featured in Huffington Post

    The Health Fitness Revolution team is excited to announce Samir’s newest feature in Huffington Post! A couple weeks ago, he met with Health +...

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    Strength, Fairness, Faith: Judge Maria Jackson Interview

    On the eve of the November election, Judge Maria Jackson carved some time out of her busy re-election campaign to stop by our office. Judge Jackson has been...

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