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Samir featured in Huffington Post

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The Health Fitness Revolution team is excited to announce Samir’s newest feature in Huffington Post! A couple weeks ago, he met with Health + Fitness writer and awesome person in general Nick Wolny who was inspired by Samir’s 3-mile walk around Houston’s Memorial Park wearing a 200- pound weight vest.

In his article titled 3 things I learned from the guy who walked Memorial Park in a 200-pound weight vest, Nick taps into and highlights the core of the movement and raison-d’etre of Samir– the fire and passion that drives him daily. We hope that with this article we can reach and inspire a new audience to learn more about Health Fitness Revolution and make a life changing decision for the better!

Samir Becic said of Nick Wolny: “It’s beyond refreshing to meet a young intellectual that not only understands health and fitness but also truly understands the need for true, well-balanced health in this country.”

Click here to read the full article.

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