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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Samir Becic is sending 2000 signed books to U.S. Political Leaders

HFR founder Samir is no stranger to campaigns aimed at promoting fitness and health (he famously ran 7 marathons in...

Top 11 Fittest Heads of State 2021

With the dawn of a new year and a big election behind us, it’s time for our popular annual list of the...

Top 20 Fittest Politicians in America 2020

Regardless of party affiliation, it is important that our elected officials demonstrate a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

Top 10 Fittest Governors in America 2020

Politics can be complicated and dividing sometimes- so let’s take a fresh look at our governors from a new perspective, shall we?...

Samir Becic Discusses 2020 Election on CNN Balkan

HFR founder Samir Becic discussed the historic 2020 U.S. Election on N1 TV/ CNN Balkan. In the segment, replayed several times over the past 24...
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