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Fitness for Better Grades

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Samir Becic talking to Tegeler High School Students

Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic gave a speech to the students at Pasadena ISD’s Tegeler High School last week because Health Fitness Revolution wants to ensure that health and fitness play a vital role in a child’s future including better grades.

Fitness for better discipline
Fitness for better discipline

Many of the core values and lessons we learn through life can be traced back to our education, and we feel that the more kids learn about health and fitness, the healthier they will be as adults.  This is the reason that HFR travels around the world to educate, motivate, and inspire children about health, fitness, and nutrition.

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Fitness Against Bullying- for better teamwork!

By getting the proper training and information, students will grow into the powerful young leaders of tomorrow, while imparting the core values that our non-profit represents- health, fitness, life balance, perseverance, hard work, determination, and respect to their friends, families, and communities.

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Fitness for better grades

We aim to devise programs and seminars that incorporate education, fun, activities, and new concepts that arm students with the best knowledge and education available- so that they can reach their ultimate potentials in taking control of their health as they grow into their adult lives.

Fitness for self-esteem- HEALTH FITNESS REVOLUTION!
Fitness for better self-esteem- HEALTH FITNESS REVOLUTION!

The message to Pasadena ISD and the students at Tegeler High School is that “Healthy and fit children are the future of a prosperous America.”

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