I am Samir Becic

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I am an explorer, historian, educator, and motivator.

I always like to see the best in people and my main focus is on their positive traits that can lead to their full potential. I believe that every individual has a purpose in life and I strive to help them attain their dreams.

My philosophy involves the connection between the body, mind, and soul. For over 15 years I have developed key methods and techniques to connect these three components into one. To my core, I believe that these three components working in unity will create a synergy that is unmatched.

The power of my ReSync Method comes from its simplicity—you use your own body and little else. Every muscle in the body can be trained by the body’s own movement and natural resistance, which makes this method a perfect option for anyone. You can change your body by simply using it- no gimmicks, equipment, or false promises.

Seeing you healthy and fit motivates and energizes me. I want nothing more than to use this energy to ReSync your life. Follow me in this journey, it’s an unbelievable opportunity to change your life while you change the world.

Let’s do this together!


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