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Samir featured in Houston Chronicle

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A Houston-based fitness advisor recently ranked the perceived “fitness” of each of the current 16 Republican presidential hopefuls.

CEO Samir Becic with ReSync Enterprises says that his study has actually done some good for at least one candidate he knows of.

“After we did the first report and tweeted it to Jeb Bush, he lost over 40 pounds over the next few months,” says Becic. “I just met Bill Clinton in Europe and he was aware of our lists because of how unique they are.”

We’re thinking the stress of campaigning for president probably had a little bit to do with Bush’s weight loss too. He says that since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy it appears she’s slimmed down as well.

“There is a direct correlation between political agendas and healthy lifestyles,” Becic says.

To read more, please visit the Houston Chronicle article.

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