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Samir Becic Day Proclamation Streamed Live on HTV

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Houston is a great city. It’s a place where people come to make their dreams come true. And if you’re going to make your dreams come true, you better do it right—and that means being fit!

That’s why we at Health Fitness Revolution are so excited to announce that January 10, 2023, will officially be known as “Samir Becic Day!” That’s right—the man who has worked tirelessly to build Houston’s fitness culture and make sure it stays healthy has gotten a day of his own!

The proclamation comes from the Houston City Council and Mayor Sylvester Turner, who said that this proclamation is well deserved. Samir Becic has been a fixture in Houston’s and America’s fitness community for more than 20 years. In that time, he’s worked tirelessly to craft a city that is healthier and fitter—and he’s done it all with the city’s blessing! In fact, Becic’s work has been so instrumental in building the city’s fitness culture that his name has become synonymous with health and wellness.

The entire proclamation was streamed live on HTV, and can be watched below:

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