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Mandatory Fitness Test for the US President

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Building off of momentum of HFR’s Top 13 Fittest Heads of State listSamir Becic is announcing a mandatory fitness test for the US president. HFR’s list made news in more than 60 countries around the world, which confirms the growing interest within the international community to see leaders live a healthy lifestyle. Our research also indicates the fittest world leaders hail from countries that are making tremendous economic growth and political expansions.

The future president of the United States will need to deal with fit leaders from growing world powers who are incorporating physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle into their daily routine. Becic believes that the US should introduce a mandatory physical fitness test for the future president. If the president has a special need or physical disability, a modified version can be administered.

Why is it so important for the US president to lead a healthy lifestyle? Samir Becic shares his insight: “I know what it takes to be an effective leader. In my 15 year career I trained with powerful people responsible for thousands of jobs in large organizations. And whether they were CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, religious or political leaders, they led more effectively when they were physically fit rather than when they were not. This is not just my opinion. The leaders I trained with told me themselves that they could not operate at 100% efficiency unless they were leading a healthy lifestyle. I am saying this from experience, after working with hundreds of influential people.”

Becic says that future presidents don’t need to have a fitness test as rigorous as the one our special forces take. But he suggests a very simplistic test that demonstrates the basic health of each candidate. Modifications can be made depending on any special needs:

    • 3 miles under 30 minutes or 3 miles under 45 minutes, depending on age
    • 4×10 Pushups
    • 4×20 Crunches
    • 4×15 Squats
  • Sit and Reach Test
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