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Samir Becic Considers a Run for Bosnian Presidency

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Samir Becic is sick and tired of the regression to a time of open hostility in his home country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. As a Bosnian-born entrepreneur who has lived in Bosnia, Germany, and the United States, Becic observes a total collapse in trust in his homeland that threatens stability in the region. In order to stop this collapse, he is considering running for the Bosnian presidency. As a hardworking outsider, Becic would bring a new perspective and spirit of cooperation that can save a country weakened by an ineffective political establishment.

He is a man with a deep knowledge of politics, yet he is unbound by the insider maneuvering that has contributed to rising tensions in his country. Samir is the first in the world to rank politicians based on healthy lifestyle, and his lists have been reported in thousands of media outlets across the world.

He is always current with political affairs in his homeland, which is why he fears the news emerging in the past few years.

A Becic presidency would provide an unparalleled commitment to teamwork and economic improvement. Right now, there is no trust in the region. It is a country where nobody trusts anybody, but it is time to wake up and make a positive change. The political establishment has failed to find a successful formula for a functioning Bosnian state.

In a changing world, Samir’s positive energy can represent an element of stability in the divided region. He brings a fresh outsider perspective, and he is an accomplished team-builder who has worked with important people across the country and the world. His vision of Bosnia cherishes the diversity of a country!

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