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Samir Becic Reaches Out to 500 Texas Politicians in New Campaign

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Houston’s official “Fitness Czar” Samir Becic has completed phase 2 of his 2022 fitness campaign! With his focus on promoting health and fitness, Samir is no stranger to campaigning- in fact, he famously ran 7 marathons in 8 weeks wearing a 73.5 lbs weighted vest to promote awareness and lived for 6 weeks with a 300 lbs weighted suit to better understand obesity. Reaching national and international levels with his campaigns, Samir is no stranger to tying politics into his fitness agenda. In recent years, he’s spearheaded dozens of campaigns including sending dedicated and signed books of his HarperCollins published “ReSync Your Life” to U.S. political leaders in an effort to inspire them to keep motivating Americans to live healthier and fitter.

Obesity is a public health issue that is even more of a problem than the opioid epidemic. A rise in obesity also means a rise in diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and more. Having said that, it is important for there to be laws and regulations regarding things such as nutritional value in foods and physical activity. In Texas alone, there is a higher obesity rate in comparison to the United States as a whole. In fact, obesity rates in Texas have gotten so severe, the state has joined 15 other states that have over 35% of adults being considered ‘obese’.  If no change is done, obesity-related diseases and death rates are to rise dramatically by 2030. Having said that, 4 x#1 Fitness Trainer in America Samir Becic wants to reverse these trending statistics and make a change. Since the start of the year, he’s sent over 500 letters to school districts throughout Texas and nationwide. Now, he’s reaching out to local lawmakers.

As part of the Texas-wide political outreach of his 2022 fitness campaign, Samir sent 500 letters to prominent Texas politicians to bring awareness to the ongoing issue of obesity. He sent letters to the 150 Mayors of the largest cities in Texas and the 50 councilmembers of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Next, he put pen to paper to write to the 55 County Judges of the largest Texas Counties and the 20 Commissioners from the counties that include the cities of Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Round Top. Then, he wrote to the 181 members of the Texas State legislature (150 Representatives and 31 Senators). This is in addition to previously sending dedicated books to the 36 U.S. Congressmembers and 2 U.S. Senators that represent Texas! In his letters, Samir highlights the importance of fitness and nutrition in hopes of making an actionable change at improving the health and fitness of Texans.

“Especially now, more than ever, a healthy lifestyle is crucial! It is important to the health of our nation in many aspects- from physical wellbeing, all the way to financial and national security. In addition to wholeheartedly recommending that every American get vaccinated, wear a mask, and physically distance- I also recommend that every American practice physical exercise and healthy nutrition with immune-boosting nutrients through food and/or supplements. It is immensely important to strengthen our immune systems in every way available to us” Samir Becic emphasizes.

Here is what Samir wrote in his letters to Texas politicians:

I write to you as a concerned citizen and proud Texas resident to ask for your assistance and support in addressing the ever-worsening obesity epidemic afflicting our great state. Since I moved to Texas over twenty years ago, I have devoted myself to improving the health and fitness of Americans through lectures, community outreach, publishing, and serving as the current “fitness czar” for the City of Houston. Sadly, I write to you today to share my concern that the health and well-being of our fellow Texans is under assault from a rising tide of obesity.

Currently, well over one-third of Texans, both adults and children, are obese. Texas ranks in the bottom third of states – 38 out of 50 – in limiting the spread of obesity. From 1995 to 2010, obesity rates doubled in Texas and that increase continues through today. This epidemic is a scourge on the health of our people, and a drag on the strength of our economy. Driven by the rise in obesity in the last decade, diabetes afflicted nearly two million Texans, and that number is projected to rise to nearly three million by 2030. Likewise, hypertension rates, heart disease, and obesity-related cancer cases are all expected to rise significantly by 2030. Beyond the devastating human toll on Texans and their families, obesity cost Texas businesses $9.5 billion in 2009 and this burden is estimated to more than triple, to $32.5 billion annually, by 2030. 

As a political leader, you stand on the front lines of this battle and are uniquely situated to make a positive difference in this fight. We know that the single most effective method for combating obesity is physical fitness and healthy nutrition, but far too few Texans are taking advantage of these simple and effective methods for improving their personal wellbeing. As a trusted voice and opinion leader in your community, you have the opportunity to motivate your fellow Texans to pursue a healthy lifestyle through your words, deeds, and actions. I call on you to publicly advocate for and tout the benefits of exercise and nutrition, to lead by example by pursuing a healthy lifestyle and sharing with your community your personal efforts to do so, and to support local and state efforts to strengthen and enhance the resources and opportunities available to Texans to improve their health through exercise and nutrition.

For nearly a decade, as part of my effort to promote a healthy lifestyle in America, I have researched, prepared, and published rankings of notable individuals (including politicians) regarding their health and fitness, and how they promote healthy lifestyle to their followers, fans, constituents, employees, etc. When published, these rankings are widely circulated and regularly appear in local, state, national, and international news and information sources. Because I know that you share my desire to see a healthy and happy future for all Texans, I would like the opportunity to include you in one of these future lists. Let’s motivate our fellow citizens and make a better Texas!

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