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Top 10 Fittest Senators 2017 – Samir Becic

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100 men and women serve represent their state in the U.S. Senate. But how many of them are serving the interest of a healthier America? In our 4th annual list of fittest senators, we give recognition to the lawmakers who maintain a high level of fitness in their personal lives, and serve as a positive role model for their constituents.

We first researched all the available data on the 100 current Senators. Then, we did more extensive research to narrow it down to 50, 25, and then finally 10. We used a combination of interviews, internet, library, industry literature, and H.F.R. founder Samir Becic’s knowledge of over 20 years as one of the leading fitness experts in the world who was named “4x Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World.”

Samir Becic says “Senators, please take action in terms of not only being physically fit, but also in promoting healthy lifestyle to your constituents. I know that many Senators already promote healthy lifestyle, but considering the obesity rate in our country, and that childhood diabetes type 2 is directly related to obesity, we need to step up and do whatever it takes to make America one of the healthiest countries in the world.”

We are at the forefront of fitness in politics, and our previous lists of the fittest politicians have generated national buzz in some of the country’s leading media outlets. From New York Times, to the LA Times, to the Houston Chronicel, Refinery29 and so on… Politico dubbed our list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators 2016 their “List du Jour.” We have also conducted exclusive interviews with Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Sen. John Thune (R-SD) on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Jeff Flake, 54 – Arizona

  • In 2009 Flake spent a whole week alone on the Jabonwod Island acting as a survivalist adventure. He brought his sons with him for four days and survived off eating only crabs, coconuts, and fish.
  • Flake enjoys swimming and outdoor activities as part of his workout routine.
  • He is also a devoted fan of P90X workouts.

Todd Young, 44 – Indiana

  • Todd voted for the Veterans Access to Care Act to secure quality health care that was promised to our veterans
  • Following 10 years of service and an honorable discharge as a captain – and then a short stint in Washington where he worked at the Heritage Foundation – Todd came back home to Indiana.

Maggie Hassan, 58 – New Hampshire

  • Was governor of New Hampshire until 2017
  • Has a son with disabilities, so she tries to champion for disabled rights
  • Has been working out for 18 years
  • Begins her day at the gym, and exercises pretty much everyday, says it keeps her balanced and her head clear
  • Does strength and resistance training twice a week
  • Has a trainer and works out with fellow state senator Donna Sousi (sp?)
  • Grew up in an active family, walking, running, swimming
  • Video of her workout

John Thune, 56 – South Dakota

  • Thune has said “The race is a great bridge across the dive of the competing parties. You develop relationships that transcend the day-to-day acrimony.
  • His passion for basketball almost led his high school team to the state championship.
  • He received a full ride to Biola University- California to play basketball.
  • Basketball isn’t his only talent; he was also a skilled track runner in high school.
  • He still takes part in races. He was recognized in “Runner’s World Magazine” as the fastest man in Congress since 2009.
  • His 2011 PR for the annual senator run was set at 18:54.
  • This senator made our 2016 list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators.
  • Gave us an exclusive interview.

Kamala Harris, 52- California

A photo posted by Kamala Harris (@kamalaharris) on

  • Despite being so busy in her career, she still finds time to take care of herself
  • Harris served as the district attorney of San Francisco before being named the state’s attorney general in 2011. She was the first woman, first African-American and the first Asian-American to hold the job.
  • Said in a newsletter that she stays balanced by working our and eating healthy.
  • In an interview, she said “In order to find balance, I feel very strongly about two things in particular in terms of routine. Work out, and eat well. I can’t say how many women I’ve mentored in college. I say, “Are you working out every morning?” No. Then I say, “You’ve got to work out.” It has nothing to do with your weight. It’s about your mind. I work out every morning. Only half an hour. I get on the treadmill. That’s it. Every morning, I don’t care what time. It gets your blood flowing. It gets your adrenaline flowing. I believe in eating well. It’s not fanatical. Eat good food. Make sure you’ve got good vegetables.”

Martin Heinrich, 45 – New Mexico

  • Heinrich has said “I still think just generally take the stairs in one fo the easiest things to add to your day to stay in shape.
  • He takes advantage of taking the stairs- even walking up 5 flights of stairs to get to work.
  • Senator Heinrich puts the beautiful New Mexico landscape to good use by regularly hiking and biking.
  • He keeps his body in top notch shape with biometric P90x workouts
  • Enjoys elk hunting, especially in the Jemez Mountains
  • He lost almost 20lbs since joining office by keeping up with his exercise routine.
  • Participates in running marathons
  • He pushed himself in a 7-day survivalist mission in the middle of a deserted island. His challenge was documented by the Discovery Channel.
  • This senator made our 2016 list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators.
  • Gave us an exclusive interview.

Tammy Duckworth, 48 – Illinois

  • Duckworth lost both her legs and injured her right arm serving our nation during combat.
  • Being an Iraq war veteran only makes her achievements more incredible.
  • She has accomplished many firsts. Born in Thailand, Duckworth is the first Asian-American female in Congress from Illinois. Also, she is the first disabled woman elected to the House of Representatives.
  • She defies her disability by overcoming physical barriers and demonstrating her positive character.
  • Duckworth served as Illinois lieutenant colonel for their National Guard before retiring in 2014.
  • She was previously a helicopter pilot for the US Army, which requires concentration and skills. She recreationally flies as a civilian pilot.
  • Duckworth has finished multiple marathons.
  • She likes the thrill of unconventional activities like skydiving, surfing, and scuba diving.

Rand Paul, 54 – Kentucky

A video posted by RandPaul (@drrandpaul) on

  • In 1995, Paul founded the Souther Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, which provides free eye care for low-income people, “because I wanted to be able to give back to the community.”
  • During his high school years, Paul swam and played football.
  • Still plays baseball in the annual Congressional Baseball game.
  • Currently volunteers in little league baseball, soccer, and basketball for each of his three sons.
  • Founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic to provide free eye exams and surgeries to families in need and keep their eyes healthy.
  • Paul is also on our Fitness Report Card for 2016 Presidential Hopefuls and got an A-.
  • Made our list of Top 10 Fittest Senators 2016 list.

Kirsten Gillibrand, 50 – New York

  • “The government can take smart steps to give all kids the healthy start they need to reach their full potential.”
  • She is an advocate of the Healthy Food Financing Initiative, and promotes the development of in-reach grocery stores and farmers markets.
  • She plans to introduce freshly grown produce to newer grocery stores.
  • She’s a believer of the welfare system and aims to increase food stamp (SNAP) aid.
  • Childhood obesity is one of her biggest motivators. She intends to eliminate all trans fats in school lunches and replace them with healthier meal options. She is also a firm believer in the preventative approach in addressing childhood obesity and intends to increase exercise opportunities in schools.
  • She herself lost 10lbs in 2010 by cleaning up her diet and consuming mostly grilled chicken, veggies, and water.
  • After a productive work week, she enjoys running and playing squash
  • She plays softball regularly with her colleagues.
  • This senator made our 2016 list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators.

Bill Nelson, 74 – Florida

  • Nelson has been quoted saying “Education is the totality of oneself, mind as well as body… staying physically fit is important in school because you’re making strong little bodies as well as strong little minds.
  • Consumes a low-carb and low-fat foods.
  • Abstains from unhealthy habits, such as drinking and smoking.
  • He passes the astronaut physical in Houston each year- since flying aboard the space shuttle back in 1986.
  • Senator Nelson’s office informed Health Fitness Revolution that one of Bill’s tenets to staying healthy is by being active every day- whether that means jogging, hunting quail or looking for pythons in the Everglades
  • Promotes fitness in schools by regularly voicing his initiative. He embarked his first physical fitness initiative in the Duval County school. His concerns about physical fitness in schools stem from growing rates of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol epidemic across America.
  • It is evident that Senator Nelson remained active during his youth because he bravely served six years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve.
  • This senator made our 2016 list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators.

Lisa Murkowski, 59 – Alaska

  • Murkowski has said on the obesity epidemic “We all know the problem, and we all know that eating the right amount of healthy foods and getting enough exercise are the answers to preventing overweight, obesity and all the related serious health problems and costs.”
  • Authored an article for Women’s Health concerning the GMO stigma surrounding salmon
  • Makes an effort to consume lean, muscle-maintaining protein.
  • She routinely shares her chef skills and home-grown produce on Facebook.
  • She takes pride is staying active with her family, and regularly enjoys skiing and hiking.
  • Informed Health Fitness Revolution that she takes advantage of walking to work and taking the stairs (all the way up  to the 7th floor)
  • This senator made our 2016 list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators.



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