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Exclusive Interview: Governor John Carney

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Founder of Health Fitness Revolution, four-time No. 1 Fitness Trainer, and author of ReSYNC Your Life, Samir Becic and HFR have been creating lists of the fittest politicians in various branches of government in order to motivate Americans to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Part of Samir’s campaign as the newly appointed “Fitness Czar” of Houston is to interview all the physically fittest leading politicians in America in order to promote their healthy lifestyles and policies.

Samir Becic greatly enjoyed his interview with Delaware Governor John Carney, who not only has an impressive athletic resume, but credits his athletic mindset to contributing to his career success.  

A former high school football all-state champion, Dartmouth College football player, and football coach, Governor Carney still works out several times a week because of how it makes him feel and how it clears his mind.

Carney was a two-term Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, whose key initiative in office was a statewide physical fitness program called the “Lt. Governor’s Challenge.” As Governor, he wants to continue motivating and inspiring Delawareans to get active, fit, and moving.

As Samir would say, Governor John Carney, “you ROCK!”

Have a listen to find out what motivates Governor John Carney, how he stays fit, and his ideas when it comes to motivating his constituents to live healthy!

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