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Exclusive Interview: Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell

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ounder of Health Fitness Revolution, four-time No. 1 Fitness Trainer, and author of ReSYNC Your Life, Samir Becic and HFR have been creating lists of the fittest politicians in various branches of government in order to motivate Americans to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Part of Samir’s campaign as the newly appointed “Fitness Czar” of Houston is to interview all the physically fittest leading politicians in America in order to promote their healthy lifestyles and policies.

Samir Becic had the pleasure of interviewing the Mayor of Wichita, Kansas, Jeff Longwell. Mayor Longwell is resolute in his passion for health and fitness, clearly demonstrated in the health initiatives he provides for the city of Wichita.

He came up with a brilliant program aptly named “Walk with the Mayor” that allows citizens to take a stroll with him around the various city parks while discussing issues they feel need to be addressed. This not only highlights the walkability of the city, but it’s also a hands-on opportunity for the Mayor to connect with his voters while promoting health.

In his interview, Mayor Longwell credits his own healthy lifestyle as contributing to his successful career, which is why he also started an initiative that allows citizens to rent bikes, kayaks, and take paddleboarding classes along the river in Wichita.

Mayor Jeff Longwell is clearly dedicated to providing the best access to a fit lifestyle for his citizens, which is why we had to interview him. Have a listen to find out what motivates the Mayor, how he stays fit, and his ideas when it comes to motivating his constituents to live healthy!   

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