During his tour around Europe, Samir Becic was unexpectedly honored with the coat of arms of the city of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Samir met with the Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo, Ivica Šarić, with whom he discussed health and fitness in Bosnia and building a stronger connection between Sarajevo and Houston. It was during this time that Deputy Mayor Saric officially presented Samir with the esteemed coat of arms of the capital city of Bosnia Herzegovina.

In addition to a successful career in various political and managerial positions, Mr. Saric is also a world-renowned opera singer! He began his career as a teacher, followed by a position in the opera at the National Theatre Sarajevo, where he rose to the highest artistic rank of a leading singer. He has played many different roles in the repertoire performing on countless world stages with acclaim and has had a remarkable international career.

Samir would like to thank Ambassador Anesa Kundurovic, who arranged the meeting.


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