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Health and Fitness Is a Top Issue for the 2016 Elections

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Considering that next year we will vote for a new president in the 2016 elections, my No. 1 priority, and the priority of the Health Fitness Revolution team, is to make sure that healthy lifestyle plays a central role for the election in 2016. America, more than ever, needs a president who is healthy and fit so that she or he can cope with the challenges that America is facing now and in the near future. I’m not saying that the presidential candidate should be an athlete, but rather needs to incorporate healthy lifestyle in his or her daily routine because nothing fights stress, especially the stress that presidents experience, like a healthy lifestyle. In regards to this, we started several different projects to encourage politicians to live a healthy lifestyle, promote it and be a strong example for this great nation.

One of the latest projects was a Fitness Report Card for 2016 Presidential Hopefuls, which will be updated every six months in order to have a current state of the healthy lifestyle of the future president. In fact, New York Magazine has taken notice of our report cards, and we hope that many others will follow.

Health is essential to the success of our nation, as past presidents have often pointed out.

John F. Kennedy said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

George W. Bush also stated, “Exercise is so important that corporate American should help its employees make time. There should be flextime for families, and there should be flextime for exercise. A healthy workforce is a more productive work force. We have got to do a better job of encouraging exercise in America.”

Here at Health Fitness Revolution, we went into every political segment, division and party in order to find the fittest politicians in the United States. I’m proud to say we are the first in this country to have done that. We rated the fittest American politicians, then we went further and found the top 100 fittest U.S. politicians. But even after this, we were not happy. We felt that we needed to go into every segment of government in order for everyone to see how serious we are about this. That’s why my team at Health Fitness Revolution created a list of the top fittest governors in America, the top 10 fittest senators, and top 10 fittest mayors in the U.S.  Again, we were not satisfied. We created a list of thetop 10% fittest Congressmen.

Then, we looked at how health and fitness is being incorporated in our school systems and how politicians can change it for the better and make the future of our country (our children) healthy and fit so we as Americans can continue to flourish as the leader of the world in every aspect possible, including healthy lifestyle.

We spent thousands of hours on creating all these lists on fittest politicians in the United States, regardless of their political affiliation, so we can promote their healthy lifestyle and encourage them to promote healthy lifestyle among their constituents and followers. We are glad that publications and media across the United States are noticing our efforts and promoting our cause.

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