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Samir Becic gives ReSync Presentation to Abel Design Group

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On Thursday, September 1st,  Samir Becic, HFR founder and creator of the ReSync Method, delivered a ReSync presentation to Abel Design Group Ltd. Abel is an elite boutique Houston-based architecture firm.

He showcased the ReSync Method, his unique fitness and health program. Samir discussed his journey from Europe to the U.S., as well as the development of the ReSync method. He  demonstrated some of the ReSync method’s signature exercises to the firms’ employees so that they could experience their efficacy.

Samir believes that every company that implements health and fitness is avant-garde and is at the forefront of 21st-century companies. The leaders of these companies realize that by offering these types of health seminars to their employees, they are not only helping their employees feel better, they are also investing in their health and long-term productivity.

A comprehensive analysis of 42 published studies of work site health promotion programs showed that companies that implemented an effective wellness program realized significant cost reductions and financial gains.

Benefits of a workplace wellness program include:

  • An average of 28 percent reduction in sick days
  • An average of 26 percent reduction in health costs
  • An average of 30 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims
  • An average $5.93 to $1 savings-to-cost ratio

Samir is thankful to Abel Design Group’s managing principal, Jeffery Abel for being a progressive leader who cares about the health and well-being of his employees.

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