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HFR Educates Parents On How To Keep Their Children Healthy

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A study in 2005 found that children today may lead shorter lives by two to five years than their parents because of obesity.  Currently, one third of the children in America are overweight or obese.  This is precisely why it is so important for parents to be active guides in keeping their children physically fit and eating nutritiously. That is why Samir Becic educates parents on how to keep children in shape.


Health Fitness Revolution aims to give parents the education, tools, and tips they need to be good role models and teachers to their children.  Here are the types of tips that an HFR seminar would give parents:

    • Become more physically fit as a family
    • Cook as a family and encourage kids to find healthy recipes
    • Don’t keep sugar-filled snacks at home
    • Don’t buy soda
  • Eat meals together as a family
  • Make being active fit by doing outdoor activities together (frisbee, football, catch, swimming, biking, etc)


Children should have the brightest future possible, and it is our jobs as parents to educate them on how to care for themselves and be healthy throughout their long, fulfilling lives.  HFR believes that by YOU being healthiest version of yourself and accomplishing all your goals, that you will be the best example to your children!

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