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Fitness Guru Samir Becic Pushes ReSync Method

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A new study by Abby King, professor of health research at the Stanford University School of Medicine, concluded that exercise should be the first step to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Although previous studies have shown it’s best to change your diet and exercise simultaneously, if you lack the time then exercising is the best thing to do.


“It may be particularly useful to start both at the same time,” said King in a press release. “If you need to start with one, consider starting with physical activity first.”


With the arrival spring, it would be a perfect time to start considering being more physically active rather than a hermit, a regimen that seems to be promoted and endorsed by Old Man Winter. Indeed, with sunshine and warm temperatures, it would be a perfect time to get into shape and rejuvenate one’s mind, body and soul.


ReSync Fitness is aiming to get men, women and children to work out through the ReSync Method, an innovative training method that uses the body’s own resistance and minimal weights to achieve your health and exercise aspirations. It even allows you to save some cash because you won’t have to join a gym. The procedure was first produced by Samir Becic and has become quite effective that he is patenting the workout.


Who is Samir Becic? He is a fitness guru that was named one of America’s Top 100 Fitness Trainers by Men’s Journal. The physical fitness professional is an expert in Marital Arts and started his career as a personal trainer after arriving in the United States. During his career, he designed new training techniques for his clientele. Since then, he has never looked in the rear view mirror.


Throughout his distinguished career, Becic has received a number of awards, distinctions and honors. Some of these include being a 55-time No. 1 fitness trainer in the city of Houston, the state of Texas and in the world. Because of these amazing accomplishments, businesses of all sizes and non-profit organizations have invited him to deliver speeches at various events and get-togethers.


Mainstream media outlets have profiled and interviewed Becic, including Fox, NBC and radio stations.


Becic maintains a huge list of personal training clients: NBA legend Rudy Tomjanovich, TV host Deborah Duncan, Lakewood’s Victoria Osteen, TV anchor Dominique Sachse, TV host Kim Davis, TV reporter Miya Shay, Radio DJ Sam Malone, Radio DJ Roula Christie, Radio DJ Dana Tyson, Radio DJ Coppelia Rivera and Radio DJ Joey Kovacik.


The avid exerciser was recently a judge for the Kick Start Kids Program. Becic also made the decision to look for philanthropic endeavors as well as starting his very own non-profit organization: The Health and Fitness Revolution.


Physical fitness can do a lot more for you than just looking great, having a six-pack and gaining some muscle. Studies have listed a variety of benefits: a reduced risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease, improving cognitive performance and having a better mood.


Is Becic the best in the world when it comes to fitness training? That’s what a lot of his clients attest to. Go get healthy, America.


– As Published originally in the California Business Journal 

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