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Exclusive Interview with TV’s Dominique Sachse

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The founder of Health Fitness Revolution and creator of the ReSync MethodSamir Becic sat down with Texas’ favorite Emmy-winning TV Anchor Dominique Sachse who he considers a good friend, client, and exceptional TV personality, business woman, and mother.  In this exclusive interview with Health Fitness Revolution, you can learn more about Dominique’s fitness routine, new business venture, and staying healthy as a working mother.


HFR: Dominique, you are an Emmy award winning news anchor and reporter.  How did you accomplish all this? 

Dominique Sachse: Perseverance, patience, a strong work ethic and never believing that I’ve reached the top of my game.  The same applies to my health and fitness goals.  There are always ways to learn, improve and grow.


HFR:  You are one of the most recognizable faces on Texas TV, how do you deal with your popularity?

Dominique Sachse:  I don’t really think of it much.  Sure, people will approach me on the street, in stores and restaurants, but the fact that they feel comfortable coming up to me and starting a conversation, means I’m doing my job and forming a relationship with them.  I want viewers to feel that we have a one-on-one conversation every day when I’m on the news, that there’s trust and a bond.  So when people approach me, I just call that job security!


HFR:  Working with you is always a pleasure because you push yourself hard and you are always enthusiastic about new challenges.  Do you think this has something to do with the success you’ve had in your career? 

Dominique Sachse:  Absolutely!  It all transcends.  I’ve always believed the mind and body are one, and we don’t live to our fullest if we separate the two and treat them differently.  If I’m going to be disciplined in my career, then the same applies to my lifestyle.


HFR:  You emcee many non-profit charities throughout Texas, what motivates you to do so? 

Dominique Sachse: If lending my voice or name to a charity helps to raise even more awareness or dollars, then I feel I’ve done my part.  There are so many non-profits and causes that are worthy of our attention and fundraising, and it feeds my soul to give back in that way.  I guess I could say that we are not only mind and body, but also heart…


HFR:  What is it like to be a working professional and a mother?

Dominique Sachse:  I feel proud to be a role model for my son and step-children.  And that’s not to say that stay-at-home mothers aren’t role models.  In fact, moms who can and choose to stay home and put forth the enormous effort it takes to be involved and engaged in their children’s lives, leave such a lasting impact.  I’ve always said it’s the hardest and most rewarding work.  I have two jobs, parent and news anchor, and I do my best to create balance, stability and presence, both physically and emotionally, in the children’s lives.


HFR:  I know your husband Nick is also very active and in great shape, is that important for you to have in a partner? 

Dominique Sachse:  Critical!  It’s a partnership, and we support and encourage one another to be and do our best…


HFR:  I know that you adore your son and spend as much time as possible with him.  Is this sometimes challenging because you are a public personality? 

Dominique Sachse:  Not because I’m a personality, but because my work hours are in the evening, when he’s home from school.  I’m always with him when I have him at dinner time.  I have a little window between the 6 and 10pm newscasts, and come 6:50 the next morning, I’m up for carpool.  I’ll sacrifice sleep to be with my son any day!


HFR:  Among the many awards you have, you also won “Outstanding woman in 2013 award” by Leadera Consulting Group.  What does this signify to you? 

Dominique Sachse:  I guess it signifies that people notice what I do, when it comes to my work, charities, family, etc.  It’s an honor to be recognized by any group or organization, but I firmly believe that the most important recognition has to come from the inside.  You have to feel good about what you’re doing and have a passion for it.  Life’s to short to just mail it in…


HFR:  You are starting a new project, a new company, with your husband Nick, would you like to share? 

Dominique Sachse:  We’re very excited to launch the world’s first pregnancy pin, for mothers-to-be, to show the world they’re expecting!  Due In A Few is launching this month.  We’re also a proud supporter of the March of Dimes, donating a portion of the proceeds to the charity.  We have three pins, one in white if you don’t know the sex of the baby, or don’t want others to know.  Pink is for girl, and blue for boy.  The pins are in the shape of a bow, because Nick and I feel a baby is the ultimate gift, and every gift has a bow.  It also has a drop-down heart, signifying a mother’s love.  The pins take the guess work out of wondering if a woman is pregnant and will afford her the recognition and courtesies she deserves.  You can find out more by visiting our website, www.dueinafew.com


HFR:  How is being married to an Eastern European? 

Dominique Sachse:  Like being home.  My father was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, and my mother’s family came to this country from the Ukraine.


HFR:  Share something with us that the public doesn’t know. 

Dominique Sachse:  I’m an organizational neat freak!  I guess that wouldn’t be surprising, but I need order and structure to feel happy and content in my space.


HFR:  Tell us your favorite hobbies. 

Dominique Sachse:  I love photography.  It’s a creative and cathartic process for me.   With a beautiful son, husband and step-children, I have many subjects!


HFR:  As a workout Queen, a mother, and a professional TV Celebrity you are an inspiration for many.  Who inspires you? 

Dominique Sachse:  My mother for one!  She’s astonishing looking and puts forth a great effort in taking care of herself.  She’s savvy on nutrition, wellness and exercise.  Also, my husband inspires me to be a better wife, and my son – a better mother.  When you love those around you, you can’t help but be inspired to be your best!


HFR:  What are your favorite sports teams and athletes? 

Dominique Sachse:  I was really getting into the Texans this past season.  It’s exciting seeing your team really come together and gel the way the Texans did.  We’re not there yet, but I can feel the momentum.  It’s wonderful seeing the heroes emerge from the midst…


HFR:  Why do you support Health Fitness Revolution? 

Dominique Sachse:  Because I’m a believer in what it stands for.  Sometimes, to elicit change, you need a revolution, a wave of people shouting from the mountains to the hills to the seas, that a life well lived is one that embraces a body in motion, as we were made.

Health Fitness Revolution by Samir Becic Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, to make the world a healthier, fitter place, please donate!

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