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Mayor Turner attends ribbon cutting ceremony held for the new Sharpstown Pool

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On Saturday, May 25, 2019, Mayor Sylvester Turner, accompanied by the city of Houston councilman Mike Laster and Dr. Jack Christie, “fitness Czar” Samir Becic, and the Houston Parks and recreation director Steve Wright celebrated the opening of the new Sharpstown pool located at 6600 Harbor Town Dr, Houston, TX 77036.

The event started off with a Tai Chi performance from the USA Tai Chi Academy, who then passed the torch to the director of the Houston Parks and Recreation Department director, Steve Wright. Mayor Turner gave an inspirational speech thanking everyone who contributed to the development of the pool and addressed the benefits of having a community pool: swimming lessons, an opportunity to learn and a foundation for building a complete community. A plaque was then given to Mayor Turner and Houston city councilman Mike Laster from District J. By 10:22 am, Mayor Turner and Councilman Mike Laster joined hands to cut the ribbon, officially opening the brand new Sharpstown pool.

Everyone was then given an opportunity to enter the community pool. Adults, councilmen, and even a very fit Fox 26 news anchor Jonathan Martin, walked around observing the beauty of the state-of-the-art pool, as kids from the neighborhood eagerly splashed in the water!

While everyone was still familiarizing themselves with the pool, “Fitness Czar” Samir Becic challenged Mayor Turner, Steve Wright, and Houston City Councilman Jack Christie to do 10 push-ups. All 3 contestants were able to complete 10 push-ups, with Mayor Turner being the first one to bounce back to his feet! This further solidifies his position as one of Top 10 Fittest Mayors in America 2019.

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