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Samir Becic Reaches Out to 1000 Politicians in America as Part of New Fitness Campaign

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Educating others on the importance of living healthier and fitter lives is nothing new for Houston’s official “Fitness Czar” Samir Becic. Samir has spent the better part of the last decade embodying his drive to make America healthier and fitter. To get a better understanding of obesity, Samir famously ran 7 marathons in 8 weeks wearing a 73.5 lbs weighted vest to promote awareness and lived for 6 weeks with a 300 lbs weighted suit. Having done that, he was inspired to get the attention of political leaders to create more of an impact on his philosophy- that with a healthy lifestyle, 60-70% of known chronic illnesses could be better managed or controlled. Last year, he sent dedicated and signed books of his HarperCollins published “ReSync Your Life” to U.S. political leaders, but his efforts don’t stop there…

Over the past 9 months, Samir has ramped up his devotion and dedication to getting his message out, especially among U.S. lawmakers. To date, he’s sent over 1000 letters and/or copies of his book to city, state, and federal politicians (some have even gotten both a letter AND a book!) A staggering new statistic by the CDC shows that the U.S. adult obesity rate stands at 42.4 percent, the first time the national rate has passed the 40 percent mark, and further evidence of the country’s obesity crisis. While obesity rates rise, so do the cases of diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and more. 4x #1 Fitness Trainer in America Samir Becic could not just stand by idly as America eats its way to sickness. In his letters, he urges our lawmakers and regulators to make changes in components that contribute to Americans’ health: improving access to physical activity and better education on the nutritional value of foods.

Since the start of 2022, Samir has sent 500 letters to prominent Texas politicians to bring awareness to the ongoing issue of obesity, the 100 Mayors of the largest cities in America, all 50 Governors, and 500 school districts throughout America. This is in addition to previously sending dedicated books to the 36 U.S. Congressmembers that represent Texas, the 20 “Fittest Politicians in America”, the 40 “Fittest U.S. Representatives“, the 20 “Fittest Senators“, the 20 “Fittest Mayors in America“, the 10 “Fittest Governors“, and 2 U.S. Senators that represent Texas! In his letters, Samir highlights the importance of fitness and nutrition in hopes of making an actionable change at improving the health and fitness of Texans.

“Especially now, more than ever, a healthy lifestyle is crucial! It is important to the health of our nation in many aspects- from physical wellbeing, all the way to financial and national security. In addition to wholeheartedly recommending that every American get vaccinated, wear a mask, and physically distance- I also recommend that every American practice physical exercise and healthy nutrition with immune-boosting nutrients through food and/or supplements. It is immensely important to strengthen our immune systems in every way available to us” Samir Becic emphasizes.

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