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Samir Completes 394 Miles of 460-Mile Birthday Hike

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In celebration of his 46th birthday on July 4th, Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic is hiking 460 miles in Aspen, CO! He is hiking 10 miles for each year he’s been alive (10 x 46= 460 miles) with a 50lbs+ backpack- on rugged, steep terrain (up to 47% incline). Now he’s completed week 4 and has acclimated his Houston sea-level lungs, he is so close to crossing the finish line. Click to read about his experiences Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. As he goes into week 5, he only has 66 miles to go to complete his goal. Please go and cheer Samir on social media as he continues his extreme hiking!

Here is the Week 4 mileage tally:

  • Monday: 18 miles
  • Tuesday: 9 miles
  • Wednesday: 18 miles
  • Thursday: 9.2 miles + 18 miles
  • Friday: 18 miles
  • Saturday: 12 miles
  • Sunday: Rest day
  • Total for week 4: 102.2 miles

As Houston’s Official “Fitness Czar”, Samir is doing this long hike in an effort to encourage and motivate Americans to be more active, walk, hike, and get outdoors. This type of fitness challenge around his birthdays is not new- in 2020, Samir was also in Aspen, Colorado celebrating his 44th birthday, and hiked 44 miles (for his 44 years on earth) over the course of 15 hours on July 4th in order to motivate Americans to be more active (and walk 1-2 miles a day). Spoiler alert: while he originally set out to do it over two days, he completed it in one, finishing in the middle of the night, in complete darkness! On that same trip, he hiked a total of 350 miles.

On Saturday, Samir hiked 12 miles around the Snowmass Ski Slopes- Mick’s Gully and Dallas Freeway & Wineskin.

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