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Samir featured in Houston Chronicle

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Here in Houston there are a handful of churches that would look to help you build your body as much as they build your soul, according to a new list released by Health Fitness Revolution, a website dedicated to the fitness world.

The website lists a handful of churches here in Texas that offer access to gyms or fitness facilities for its members. Membership prices do vary from church to church, but most seem comparable or even slightly cheaper than traditional gym dues.

As Texas Monthly pointed out (perhaps tongue firmly entrenched in cheek) the list indicates that the Houston-area may have some of the most ripped and chiseled God-fearing churchgoers in Texas.

The list includes Lakewood Church here in Houston which offers a variety of classes on health and fitness that combines spiritual teachings you would hear Pastor Joel Osteen preach from the pulpit each week. Houston’s own fitness guru Samir Becic collaborated with Lakewood for its program.

Most of the churches on the list incorporate some sort of biblical instruction into fitness regimens, according to HFR’s report. Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Midland offers Fit for the Cross, which is a CrossFit-style workout for churchgoers.

Read the original article on the Houston Chronicle site.

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