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Samir Shares Inspiring story about meeting Chuck Norris

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Remember, you’re never too old, and it’s never too late to accomplish your goals and dreams… hopefully Samir’s story will inspire you today!

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As a young boy growing up in Europe, I looked up to Chuck Norris' characters in movies as my role models. Always fighting for what was right, displaying both strong moral values and physical conditioning. Fast forward to my 20s, when I embarked on my journey to America. Upon building my fitness career, I was presented with the opportunity to help his non-profit, Kickstart Kids Program, an amazing organization that brings martial arts to high-risk children. The idea is that through the discipline and structure of martial arts, these kids can become the best versions of themselves. A highlight of my career was finally meeting him! Chuck Norris immediately greeted me with positive energy and a friendly welcome- he didn't disappoint! To be able to meet someone I had grown up admiring was a life changing moment… This is just to say, keep working hard, focus, believe in yourself, and you can achieve the "unachievable" and imagine the "unimaginable"! If I can meet my idol, so can you!

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Martial art training serves as a vehicle to instill the values and skills necessary to combat the peer pressures associated with at-risk behaviors.

The core philosophy of Martial Arts stresses the vital importance of a healthy mind and body necessary to lead a productive life.

Samir Becic judging a Kickstart Kids competition
Samir Becic judging a Kickstart Kids competition

On August 16, 1992, the KICKSTART KIDS foundation was formed by Mr. Chuck Norris. He wanted to provide an effective martial arts program that would teach kids all the valiant traits the martial arts has to offer. Today both Mr. and Mrs. Norris consider KICKSTART KIDS their greatest mission in life and are our greatest supporters.

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