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Samir Visits Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo

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Samir Becic, Houston’s Fitness Czar and 4-time #1 Fitness Trainer in the US, and the Health Fitness Revolution team took a trip Downtown to the Houston Police Department to meet Chief Art Acevedo. During the meeting, Samir was introduced to other high-level officials in the department. At this time, Samir presented each officer with his ReSync Your Life book, to promote health and fitness. He also presented him with a Viking horn, historically given to the best warriors.

Chief Art Acevedo is in charge of over 5,200 police officers and 1,200 civilians in the Houston area, and being an immigrant from Cuba, he has worked very hard to get to where he is- becoming the police Chief of the 4th largest city in America is no easy feat! During our discussion, he showed an inspiring drive and passion for the safety and health of Houston.

Chief Acevedo had many great ideas for future collaborations with Health Fitness Revolution to feature some of the 5,200 sworn in law enforcement officers and even suggested working out with the cadets at the police academy to highlight their rigorous training. Stay tuned for more updates about these exciting projects!

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