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Samir Joins Mayor Turner at the Grand Reopening of Acres Homes’ Multi-Service Center

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Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner cut the ribbon for the reopening of Houston Health’s Acres Homes Multi-Service Center renovations. In a project particularly close to his heart, Mayor Turner, who grew up in Acres Homes, highlighted how important community centers are to improving the lives and health of the citizens of Houston. As Houston’s “Fitness Czar”, Samir Becic was there to support Mayor Turner’s efforts at making Houston healthier.

The renovations included a new sound system and projector, sprinkler system, and painting of the exterior, lobby, and auditorium. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Health Department Director Stephen Williams were also part of the ceremony.

During the event, Samir had the pleasure of sharing his book with the different health organizations of Houston. He was particularly honored to have the opportunity to gift the 13th term Congresswoman (since 1995), a copy of his book ReSYNC Your Life.

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