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Texas A&M Fitness: Samir Becic In Aggieland

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Texas A&M Aggieland Fitness Project: One of HFR‘s new projects is to educate students this summer at Texas A&M aka AggieLand. Our founder, Samir Becic will be holding seminars for students, teachers, and professors to educate them on healthy lifestyle and fitness in order to empower their lives.  Health Fitness Revolution is very enthusiastic about impacting one of the largest and highly ranked Universities in the US. At Texas A&M fitness is important.

It is very important for us to impact the educational sector in order to create a new generation of professional people who are health conscious so that we may impact society as a whole.

Texas A&M Aggieland Fitness Class With Samir Becic



Health Fitness Revolution always aims to empower, educate, and enable people globally to live a healthy lifestyle.

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