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Top 10 Fittest Governors in America 2020

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Politics can be complicated and dividing sometimes- so let’s take a fresh look at our governors from a new perspective, shall we? Ever wonder which of them could outrun you? Maybe even outlift you? When reading about government officials or watching them on TV, we often focus on their policies, beliefs, and rhetoric. However, we know, through various studies, that the mind and the body are intrinsically connected- so why do we never consider their physical fitness and health? After all, governmental officials are people too and a healthy body often means a healthy mind!

When those in positions of influence promote and encourage healthy lifestyles, it can inspire others to follow suit and incorporate some of those healthy aspects into their own lives. Politicians can promote healthy living in a variety of ways; from posting a simple picture of a hike on their social media, to sharing a run they did, and especially passing legislation that encourages healthy habits for Americans.

Governors hold a tremendous amount of influence over the direction of their state. They plot a course for their people’s prosperity, and play a large part in determining their health. That’s why we want to recognize the U.S. Governors who serve as advocates of health and fitness, both in their own lives and in policy. While we came across some Governors who looked very fit, we were not able to include them on this list because we could find no information on their routines and workouts. After all, sharing is caring!

HFR and its founder Samir Becic first researched all the available data on the current governors. Then we used a combination of interviews, internet, library, industry literature, and Samir’s knowledge of over 20 years as a prominent health and fitness expert who was awarded “4x Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World” to narrow the list down to 10.

Samir Becic says of Governors “Governors are mini-Presidents, and very often, U.S. Governors have more political and financial power than many heads of states across the world. Please use these powers to motivate Americans to lead the world in health and fitness, like they do in so many other areas.”

We are at the forefront of fitness in politics, and our previous lists of the fittest politicians have generated buzz in some of the nation’s leading media outlets. From New York Times, to the LA Times, to the Houston Chronicle, Refinery29, Washington Post and so on, we have shared this critical information with many different populations. Politico dubbed our list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators 2016 their “List du Jour,” and they recently also praised our Top 20 Fittest Mayors in America 2020 list. If you wish, take a look at who made this year’s fittest mayors and senators.

Here are the Top 10 Fittest United States Governors of 2020:

New York – Andrew Cuomo, 62

  • Goes fishing 
  • Played basketball with his dad growing up
  • Goes on walks with his husky
  • Snowmobiling at Saranac Lake 
  • Touring places
    • Para la Naturaleza Las Cabezas de San Juan, with family where he also planted trees
  • Assists with rescue operations
    • Ex: flash flood conditions
  • Has a home gym that he works out in- free weights, treadmill
  • Is an avid boxing fan and trains in boxing gyms
  • Made our lists of Top 10 Fittest Governors in 2014, Fittest American Politicians 2017

South Dakota – Kristi Noem, 48

  • Enjoys hunting
  • Enjoys fishing
  • Enjoys horseback riding with her family
    • South Dakota Governor’s Buffalo Roundup
  • Enjoys going on hikes with her family
    • Says it’s a great way to spend time with family while practicing social distancing
  • Did the “Murph” workout with her family on Memorial Day to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy
    • Consists of: one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run, all done consecutively
  • Endorses “Iron Warrior” which is a program built on lessons taught in special forces training and more
    • Leadership program in manufacturing that focuses on skills, hard work, integrity, personal fitness and excellence

California – Gavin Newsom, 53

  • As mayor of San Francisco (2004- 2011), he… 
    • Signed laws that required city restaurants to put nutrition information on menus
    • Proposed policy changes to bring healthy and sustainably produced meals from Northern California farms into the city
    • Initiated the “Shape Up San Francisco” program, a five-year plan that aims to increase access to healthy food and make it easier for people to exercise.
  • Discussed the importance of health and wellness while staying home during Covid- 19 with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Instagram live
  • Signed bill which aims to ensure that all Californians have access to the health and wellness benefits that their state parks provide. Breaks down the barriers that prevent access to and use of parks.
    • Goal to benefit mental and physical health for all, and especially the youth, by increasing the ability to be active outdoors.
  • Made HFR’s list of Fittest American Politicians in 2014

Michigan – Gretchen Whitmer, 49

  • New Year’s resolution was to run 60K in 2019
  • Participated in the Bayshore Marathon 
    • Half-marathon and 10K
  • Participated in Bolt for the Heart 5K
  • Participated in the Izzo Legacy 5k Walk and Run
  • Did the Super Wild Wings Bowl 5K
  • Spends time with dog

Texas – Greg Abbott, 62

  • Ran track in high school and continued to be an avid runner in adulthood 
    • Running career ended when his lower limbs became paralyzed after a tree fell on him during a jog in 1984
  • Determined to stay physically fit despite his accident 
  • Motivated to be healthy to be in the best state of mind to serve the people of Texas well
  • Takes advantage of family time at home to stay active and keep himself moving  
    • Enjoys playing with his 2 dogs
    • Enjoys going outdoors and hunting with his daughter
  • Teamed up with the Texas Governor National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils to recognize “National Champion Schools”
    • Institutions that effectively advocate for more physical activity for their students 
    • Winning includes a $100,000 grant to establish a fitness center for the school
  • Made HFR’s 2016 Top 10 Fittest U.S. Governors and 2017 Top 10 Fittest U.S. Governors
  • Read our exclusive interview with Governor Abbott here

Vermont – Phil Scott, 62

  • Former race car driver and snowmobile racer
  • Has a passion for building things, which has drove him to be innovative and more fit 
    • Used to build wooden race cars
  • Began strength training and biking during his 20’s to build endurance and maintain his physique
  • Competitive biker 
    • Placed second in his age group at Race to the Top biking competition in 2015
  • Wakes up before 5am and cycles for at least 30 minutes before beginning his days 
    • “by staying in shape, I might have a bit of an edge over some of my competitors.”
  • Devoted to helping maintain and preserve Vermont’s outdoor recreation 

Washington – Jay Inslee, 69

  • Loves to play basketball
    • Once played against Barack Obama during a visit to the capital
  • Volunteered for Hoopaholics camp since 2007
    • Charity that raises funds for abused and mistreated children
  • Enjoys hiking, biking and skiing 
  • Sees high potential in using health resources to educate and encourage people to practice healthier habits 
  • Envisions a future with a wiser and healthier workforce 
  • Launched Healthiest Next Generation Initiative
    • Goal to reduce childhood obesity by making health a focus for children 
    • Supporting schools providing nutritious meal options and encouraging physical activity 
  • Made HFR’s 2016 Top Fittest U.S. Governors and 2017 Top 10 Fittest U.S. Governors

Kentucky – Andy Beshear, 42

  • Has a hashtag, #HealthyAtHome, and showcases ways that him and his family stay active while staying home
  • Spends time with family
    • Plays catch with his son
    • Playing baseball with his family
    • Goes on walks with the family
    • Plays basketball with his son and daughter
  • If it’s a good day outside and Beshear doesn’t have too much work to do, he would rather spend the day outside with his family being active

Rhode Island – Gina Raimondo, 49

  • Family works out together 3-4 times a week
    • Walks, hikes, bike rides, runs, tennis matches
    • Working out together enhances their workout experience, and helps her children take time away from electronics
  • “we stay fit and stay in shape and teach the kids the importance of keeping fit.”
  • Played rugby in college 
    • Improved her physical and mental strength
  • To encourage staying fit during Covid- 19, she issued a pushup challenge.
    • Posted a video of herself on social media doing pushups and challenged Community College of Rhode Island President to do the same
    • Became a trend in several Rhode Island school districts
  • Made HFR’s 2017 Top 10 Fittest U.S. Governors

Virginia – Ralph Northam, 61

Originally published on samirbecic.com
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