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  • As newly appointed “Fitness Czar” of Houston, Samir has been busy at work in his task of educating the 20,000 City of Houston employees to live healthier!
  • On a daily basis, through media appearances and seminars, he is indirectly motivating the 6.5 million residents of the Greater Houston area.
  • Through the list of the Top 100 Fittest Politicians in America, he is trying to inspire political leaders to promote and legislate health, fitness, and wellness to their constituents. Every single list honoree will receive a copy of Samir’s book “ReSYNC Your Life”. All the governors, senators, congresspeople, and mayors can be a game-changer in making America one of the fittest nations in the world.
  • Through the various lists of the Fittest American celebrities, he is trying to motivate millions of Americans to mimic their favorite stars and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • His book “ReSYNC Your Life” is simple to follow for over 80% of Americans with no prior healthy lifestyle knowledge. That way, everybody has a chance to learn the basics.
  • His “ReSYNC Your Life” seminars for corporations are promoting a healthy lifestyle in the corporate world, and a healthy workforce. A healthy workforce is more productive, creative, focused, and visionary.
  • Through the list of the Fittest Spiritual Leaders, he is trying to motivate believers to embrace healthy living. As the man who created a fitness program for the largest church in America (Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church), hundreds of churches nationwide are following Samir’s blueprint.
  • Through visiting schools, he is trying to motivate teachers to be healthier so that they can be a great example to their students. He inspires students to start being more active now so they can be great leaders in adulthood.
  • With his Health Fitness Revolution magazine, he is trying to promote healthy lifestyle across the globe. Thousands of leading media worldwide are using HFR articles as a resource.
  • Through his extreme fitness challenges, the first of their kind, he is trying to motivate people to be more physically active. The challenges are so physically challenging that he often risks his own wellbeing, in order to motivate the 36% of Obese and 74% Overweight Americans to embrace basic fitness.
  • Working closely with several Mayors of some of the largest cities in America, he is pushing for more fitness events organized by the city governments.
  • Samir is working closely with UNICEF as support to some of their excellent health programs and to aid in the creation of new programs.
  • With his list of the annual Fittest Heads of State in the World, he is trying to spread the message of healthy lifestyle globally. This list is being reported by thousands of media across the world and hopefully, hundreds of millions of readers inspired by it.
  • His ultimate philosophical approach is that: A healthy body = healthy mind + spirit! “In these turbulent times, who agrees with me that we need more healthy minds?!”
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Thank you, Mayor @sylvesterturner for this great honor and responsibility- I will work even harder in order to aid your efforts of making Houston healthier and fitter! Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner is a man of honor who keeps his word! With his leadership, Houston has improved it’s infrastructure, survived the devastating Hurricane Harvey in the best way possible (all things considered) and he is a big advocate of encouraging a healthy, fit, and vibrant Houston! His never-ending support of the Houston Strong initiative motivated me to go the extra mile in promoting fitness in Houston and America. http://www.healthfitnessrevolution.com/mayor-sylvester-turner-names-samir-becic-official-fitness-czar-of-houston/ #houstonstrong #houston #fitness #health #healthylifestyle #healthyliving

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