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Archbishop Cardinal DiNardo and Samir Becic Discuss Spiritual Health

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Since Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic experienced meeting his Eminence firsthand, here is his personal account:

I had the pleasure to meet with his Eminence Cardinal-Archbishop DiNardo and discuss Spiritual Health, amongst other topics.  He was very relaxed and, knowing that I am Bosnian, even spoke of his pleasant travels to Sarajevo, Mostar, Split, and Dubrovnik.

Cardinal DiNardo is the Cardinal-Archbishop of Galveston-Houston and is the first cardinal from the southern United States.  He shared with me some stories, mostly about the election process, and his experiences with the election of the new Pope Francis.  The Cardinal confirmed what is already widely known, which is that Pope Francis is a pope for the people, in particular those in need.

His Eminence Cardinal DiNardo is very humble, kind, and highly educated.  We spoke about healthy lifestyle and I told him “Cardinal, I want you to work out and be healthy so that you can continue to spread your spiritual wisdom for many years to come.”  Upon this, he looked at me and said “Can’t you tell I look healthy and fit?”.  I had to agree, that he does indeed take care of himself.  We spoke of how spiritual health affects physical health and it’s importance in maintaining healthy lifestyle.  He seemed fully aware of the importance of maintaining his own physical health, which can be seen in his positive attitude, alert physical demeanor, and correct posture- a clear indication of someone who takes care of their body.

It was refreshing to meet someone so highly placed in the Catholic Church, that was not only down to earth, but also very human in his approach and methods.  He gave Health Fitness Revolution his approval in what we are trying to accomplish, and our goals of making healthy lifestyle widespread- because ultimately- our bodies are our temples.

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