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Exclusive Interview: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Talks Health and Fitness

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Governors hold a tremendous amount of influence over the direction of their state. They plot a course for their people’s prosperity, and play a large part in determining their health. That’s why we want to recognize the U.S. Governors who serve as advocates of health and fitness, both in their own lives and in policy. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, with his own rigorous fitness routine, is an inspiration to many across the Lone Star state!

Every year, the HFR Institute and its founder Samir Becic research all the available data on the current governors and create a list of the Top 10 Fittest Governors. Last year, Texas’ own Governor Abbot led the list, ranking in at #1. Governor Greg Abbott even retweeted our list, thanking us for the recognition. His place on the list was well deserved, as he maintains a healthy lifestyle despite being in a wheelchair! This list was also featured in the Houston ChronicleSan Antonio ExpressSan Francisco Gate and many others…

We are the first media outlet to rank politicians based on physical fitness, starting with our world-renowned list of the Fittest Heads of State. From there, we have expanded into Fittest GovernorsFittest Congresspeople, and Fittest Politicians, all of which are the first of their kind. We have even had exclusive interviews with U.S. Governors to talk about the importance of healthy lifestyle.

Houston’s “Fitness Czar” Samir Becic says of Governors: “Governors are mini-Presidents, and very often, U.S. Governors have more political and financial power than many heads of states across the world. Please use these powers to motivate Americans to lead the world in health and fitness, like they do in so many other areas.”

Keep reading to find out what fit Texas Governor Abbott had to say during his exclusive interview with HFR founder and ReSYNC Your Life author Samir Becic:

Samir Becic: Being a Governor is a lot of work, how do you manage your time between governing the state of Texas and being physically active?

Gov. Greg Abbott: Being Governor of this great state means I’m constantly on the move, so serving the people of Texas and being physically active go hand in hand. I also take advantage of time with my family and time at home to stay active and keep myself moving – whether that’s going hunting with my daughter, Audrey, or playing with our two golden retrievers, Peaches and Pancake.

SB: How do you feel that being active and fit has influenced your career and made you one of the most prominent politicians in America?

Gov. Greg Abbott: After my accident in 1984 left me in my wheelchair, I refused to let that physical limitation keep me from doing the things I am passionate about – including physical fitness. My motivation throughout the recovery and rehabilitation process is something that I channel even today. I use that sense of determination in all aspects of life, whether it’s serving the people of Texas, serving my family, or taking care of my own physical well-being.

SB: What motivates you to be healthy?

Gov. Greg Abbott: Being active has always been important to me. I was a member of my high school track team and carried my love for running well into my adult life until my accident. However, being in a wheelchair hasn’t stopped me from being active. Not only do I consider being active a hobby of mine, but I’m also motivated to stay healthy so that I’m in the best state of mind and body to serve the people of Texas well.

SB: How do you encourage a healthy lifestyle within your family?

Gov. Greg Abbott: Health and fitness is an important aspect of my daily life, and my wife Cecilia and I have instilled that value in our daughter through example and through the way we spend time together as a family.  Whether we’re traveling for family vacation or our daughter comes home to Texas to visit, our time together often involves some sort of physical activity – whether it’s hunting, being outdoors, sightseeing, or even playing with our dogs in the front yard.

Originally published on samirbecic.com

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