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Fitness in the Age of COVID: Texas State Representative Ina Minjarez

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We’ve all had to make adjustments this year with COVID-19 gripping almost every area of our lives. Public figures and Politicians are no different- which is why we asked them how they’ve adapted, what’s inspired them during this difficult time, and how they make time for themselves.

HFR founder Samir Becic adds “It is immensely important that Texans stay physically fit during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Samir interviewed Texas State Representative Ina Minjarez (District 124 in San Antonio) about how she’s staying fit and how she hopes Texans stay healthy and safe during this time too.

We hope that these positive tips and routines will make our readers feel less alone during these trying times and maybe even find some inspiration in adopting some of these COVID-19 healthy daily habits!

Samir Becic: How is the COVID situation in your city/state?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: COVID has made a major impact in both my city of San Antonio and Texas.  Since the start of the pandemic, San Antonio has had 50,016 positive COVID cases and 1,016 deaths.  As of this month, San Antonio’s positivity rate is declining.

Samir Becic: How are you staying physically active in the age of COVID-19? What are you eating?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: It is very important for me to stay physically active.  It benefits me mentally and emotionally during this stressful time.  I am fortunate to have a peloton bike and am a member of Orange Theory.  I try working out 5-6 days a week.

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Good morning! #MaskUp 😷

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Samir Becic: Leading during a pandemic creates new and unforeseen obstacles- what are some of the challenges that you’ve successfully adapted to/overcome?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: Some of the challenges I’ve successfully adapted to is learning to work with my staff from home.  We have mastered the ability to constantly zoom with constituents and other local stakeholders.  The work load has increased immensely, and we haven’t missed a beat.  

Samir Becic: As a leader, you are probably working overtime on a daily basis- what do you do to relax and gather your thoughts?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: To relax, I take the time to carefully prepare my meals nowadays.  I will research recipes and take my time making them—it helps lower my anxiety levels.  I also take breaks during the day to read books I enjoy.  I also take time to organize and clean when I can—it really is soothing for me to do housework.

Samir Becic: A bit of positivity: have you seen an act of kindness or generosity during this difficult time that has moved you or inspired you?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: I have been so inspired witnessing the San Antonio community coming together to support the San Antonio Food Bank when it needed financial resources to continue its food distributions.  I have participated in food distribution sites such at area schools to provide much needed resources for families.  I am so proud to see my community doing what it can to support families in need.

Samir Becic: How are you staying in touch with family and friends? Any tips for staying more connected?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: I stay connected with family through FaceTime on our iPhones.  Zoom is also something I use to check up on my friends.  My parents are elderly and have underlying conditions and must stay home—so I check on them constantly.

Samir Becic: What’s one good habit you have developed during this time that you want to keep?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: One good habit I have developed during this time that I hope to keep is a wakeup call of 4:30 or 4:45 am.  I commit myself to completing 1 chore and then start my morning exercise.  Having this consistent schedule keeps me more productive and accountable to myself.

Samir Becic: We all have some tough days, what keeps you positive and motivated as a public figure?

Rep. Ina Minjarez:  I have had my share of tough days.  I cry and have felt a sense of hopelessness. I miss hugging my parents and I miss life as it used to be.  I am fortunate to share these moments with my husband who comforts me when I have needed it.  When I feel like this, I read my daily devotional book for inspiration.  I take the initiative to seek positivity so that I do not fall into a depression.

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Much needed Vitamin D ☀️

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Samir Becic: What do you most look forward to doing again after restrictions are lifted?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: After restrictions are lifted, I plan on heading straight to El Paso to see my parents.

Samir Becic: What was the most fun quarantine activity you’ve done? 

Rep. Ina Minjarez: The most fun activity I have done while in quarantine is watching Cobra Kai on Netflix.  I love this show!

Samir Becic: What are 3 tips you would give to all Americans during COVID-19?

Rep. Ina Minjarez: 3 tips I would give all Americans during this time is: (1) take stock of your blessings (2) tell the people in your life you love and value them (3) do not isolate yourself—reach out for help and remember that the sun always comes up.

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