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Samir finishes 265 miles of hiking in Aspen over 20 days

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Samir has officially completed his 20-day challenge in Aspen- who’s updated goal was to hike 255 miles (while wearing an extra 50 lbs)- in fact, he surpassed it by 10 miles. He even completed 44 miles of it in 15 hours on his birthday, to celebrate!

While he originally set out to complete 150 miles in 10 days (but only made it to 105 in round 1), he was able to surpass his mileage in the second round of 10 days. Unfortunately, he still was not able to reach his resting heart rate goal of 44 bpm.

So he announced round 3, in Houston.

Here are some of the highlights from round 2 of his challenge in Aspen:

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Today marks my 10th day of training in #aspen as preparation for the 3 extreme fitness challenges I have slated for 2020. The original goal of this trip was to complete 150 miles (241 km) of hiking (while carrying at least 50 lbs weight) and to bring my resting heart to under 44 beats per minute. I have failed at both, drastically! I’ve only accomplished 105 miles (169 km) and my resting heart rate is currently 52 bpm. I’m repeating this challenge again over the next 10 days in #colorado – I will hike an additional 150 miles (241 km) and get my resting heart rate down to 44 bpm. To summarize: 20 days, 255 miles (410 km) while carrying a minimum of 50 lbs additional weight, and a resting heart rate 44 bpm or below. DEFEAT IS NOT AN OPTION!

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