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Interview with KSBJ Radio DJ Joey K

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Health Fitness Revolution‘s Samir Becic sat down with one of Houston’s favorite DJ’s, Joey K of KSBJ 89.3 FM. HFR is very fortunate to have such a strong support system with KSBJ 89.3 FM and Joey!  Here are some things you might not have known about Joey:


HFR:  Joey, what is your workout routine?

Joey K: I try to work out a least 3 times a week. I love working out!! It clears my mind, and it feels great to better yourself through fitness.


HFR:  You are Texas born and bred, would you ever consider living anywhere else?

Joey K: I grew up in Humble, TX, and I love this town! I tell you what…Humble, TX is home, and I’m staying! I went to school here from elementary school through high school. My wife is from Humble, and our entire families are here too!


HFR:  Tell us a little about your family and your beautiful children. 

Joey K:  I married my high school sweetheart back in 2001, and we have been happily married for 12 years. Back in 2008, we had our first child named Daniella. When Daniella was born, she spent her first days of life struggling to stay alive at Texas Children’s Hospital with some lung issues. I have a heart for the nurses and doctors at TCH, and the great folks at the Ronald McDonald House here in Houston. We call our daughter “our little miracle”!Daniella keeps me very active! In fact, my daughter, Daniella, is in cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance.


HFR:  How do you guys stay active as a family?

Joey K:  We love to be outdoors! We have a pool in the backyard and love to exercise in it. Also, our dog Teddy loves to go on walks. So, when we can…we take Teddy on walks.


HFR:  What do you think of your co-DJ Coppelia?

Joey K:  She is great to work with! We are the same age, and we both have kids, so we share a lot in common together. She’s a great woman of God and a joy to work with every afternoon.


 HFR:  Tell us about your DJ career.

Joey K:  I started in radio when I was 16 years old. I had a studio in my house growing up that allowed me to pretend I was on the air. A local DJ here in Houston, gave me some old equipment from a station here in Houston. For a short time, I had a very low powered transmitter that would take my signal to the next street. I thought it was cool to go driving  to the next block hearing my station. I started at KSHN 99.9 Radio in Liberty in 1991, then KSBJ back in 1995 as a volunteer and part time DJ. Then, in 1996 I went to go work for Clear Channel and was on SUNNY 99.1 my on-air name was Joe Kelly. In 2001, I went back to KSBJ to be a full time DJ. I have been nominated for the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame the past few years—that’s an honor!


 HFR:  Do you own cowboy boots?

Joey K:  Yes I do! Only wear them for rodeo season…that’s it!


 HFR:  What are your hobbies?

Joey K:  I love spending time with my family, going to movies, and staying active. I’m also a small business owner, and my business DJ Brothers.com keeps me active on the weekends.


 HFR:  What are your favorite sports teams and athletes?

Joey K:  We are big Dallas Cowboys fans at our house. In fact, we travel to Dallas a few times a year to catch some games. The stadium is amazing!!

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