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Interview with New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich

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Today we are happy to present an interview with one of the strongest proponents of health and fitness on Capitol Hill. Martin Heinrich is the junior United States senator for New Mexico. He is also an avid hiker, outdoorsmen, and marathon runner. Senator Heinrich knows the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and he has done a fantastic job of sharing that information with the public. That is why he landed on our list of the Fittest Senators of 2016, and now he is doing even more to promote health and fitness by talking about his diet and routine.

Samir Becic said: “America’s senators are in the public eye, can make laws and have access to other powerful decision makers. They can and should use their unique position to help stop the obesity epidemic that is plaguing our country and directly compromising our status as the leading nation in the world. These ten senators deserve recognition because they are great ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle and they lead by example.”

Read our interview with New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich:

What are your favorite physical exercises?

I like to run because it clears my head as well as being great cardiovascular exercise.

What is your typical meal of choice?

I love a good mix of greens and salad fixings with some grilled venison on top for protein.

Besides exercising and nutrition, what do you do to stay healthy in terms of mental health & spirituality?

Time in the great outdoors with family and friends is key.

What can you do to make a difference in the health of your community?

Supporting food policy that is about producing healthy foods instead of producing bulk commodities is one important step.

Do you utilize the workout facility in Capitol Hill?


How do you promote a healthy lifestyle to your family?

By doing active outdoor activities together (hiking, archery, running) and by modeling healthy food choices.

Have you been a part of any political initiatives that benefit healthy lifestyle?

Yes.  From supporting prevention in health care policy to pushing for nutritional policy that focuses on access to healthy foods.

How can we help the next generation of youth to live healthier?

Give them good habits early and they will reap rewards for their entire lives.

How can we curtail the epidemic of obesity in America?

Activity and nutrition.  It sounds simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accomplish.

How can preventative medicine help reduce healthcare costs in America?

Prevention, wellness, exercise, and nutrition are the REAL health care.  Most of what we call “health care” is really sick care.

American politicians are great ambassadors for making a healthier America. How do you intend to promote health and fitness in America in the future?

By trying to model good choices and by making sure that my constituents have the transparency to make their own choices.  That’s why nutritional information and labeling for ingredients (including GMOs) is so important.



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