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Samir Becic Marathon LIVE UPDATES

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Today is race day! Check in here for all the live footage of Samir running the Chevron Houston Marathon with videos embedded from his Facebook.

Beginning of race

The day is finally here! Check in here with us as we’ll be broadcasting live Samir’s journey of conquering obesity in America at the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Samir is amped up, excited, and ready to run!

Here’s Samir stretching and warming up.

Mile 1

Samir is off to a strong start! Stay tuned to watch the progression of the marathon here in Houston with Samir doing the (almost) impossible!

Mile 3 (5K)

Samir is doing great at his 5K split, look at his time!

Mile 6 (10K)

Mile 6 already! Samir is keeping great pace, especially for someone who’s been sick the past 3 weeks.

Here is his official split at the 10K mark

Mile 8

Here he comes…

And there he goes! Mile 8 is coming along great, and Samir is staying strong.

Mile 11:

So close to halfway! Samir is staying strong.


We’re halfway there! He seems to be in good spirits as he crossed the halfway mark.

To help him power through the last half, Samir gets surprised by his son, Max.

Here is his split for mile 13.1

Mile 14

Here’s Samir checking in live on mile 14! He’s tired, but powering through it!

Look at him go!

Mile 15

You’d never know Samir was on mile 15 but his energy and positive attitude!

Mile 16

Samir’s wife Dijana posted this on her Instagram. Looks like he has a lot of cheerleaders at his side!

Mile 18

Things are getting serious now for Samir! There’s a light at the end of the 26.2-mile tunnel!

Go Samir go!

Slo-mo Samir in action.

Mile 23

Mile 24

Mile 26.2- THE FINISH LINE!!

HE DID IT! Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic has successfully finished the Chevron Houston Marathon with 73.5 lbs of weighted vest, making his total body weight equal over 330 lbs and mimicking the living body of the average obese individual. Congratulations on this feat, Samir, you are an inspiration!

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