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Long Live the Queen by Samir Becic

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Recently, I was criticized by respected Luxembourg political journalist Claude Karger from Lëtzbuerger Journal for putting several people who are not de jure heads of states on our annual Fittest Heads of State 2017 list.

The reasoning behind why we always choose between the #1 and #2 in each country is to maximize our potential of people who are able to motivate their respective nations in health and fitness, as explained in the article.

In regards to the traditional protocol of requesting a meeting with a monarch, when I said “Bravo to Duke Henri for making this list 4 times in a row! I am looking forward to our fitness session together”, I was actually complimenting the Duke with the American positive thinking I’ve embraced.

When referring to Queen Elizabeth as the official head of state of several countries on this year’s list- my response is LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

P.S. Fitte Körper -Fitte Köpfe!!
P.P.S. I like my new nickname Der Fitness-Revoluzzer

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