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Samir Endures Pain Wearing 200lb Vest On 3 Mile Walk

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Those who have been following Samir Becic’s weighted vest challenge know that he has pushed his body to the extreme in order to raise awareness about obesity. He started the mission back in October with a 50lb weighted vest which he wore day and night. Since then he has quadrupled the vest weight to 200lbs, which he wore on a walk this Saturday.

Earlier, Samir walked through Memorial Park wearing a 120lb vest and a 150lb vest. While he found those walks challenging and draining, they paled in comparison to Saturday’s walk. Samir says that the 200lb vest was without a doubt the most difficult workout he has endured. But this 200lbs mimicked the living weight of over 500lbs, a massive challenge to mobility that crushed him as he walked

He started the walk in the morning at Houston’s Memorial Park, where joggers and families were out enjoying the nice weather. As he trudged along with a vest that weighed as much as he does, Samir found his body shutting down.

His fingers started to tingle from lack of circulation and body parts started to fail. His body didn’t shut down all at once. First, he lost feeling in his upper back. Then his lower back started to go, followed by his knees and shoulders. Weak and delirious, his legs gave out causing him to collapse on the dirt road. He mustered his strength and pulled himself back up, only to find his head in a cloud of fog and pain.

The final thing to give out was his heart. Sharp tingling sensations and irregular heartbeat tormented him and caused him to fall once more. When he told his teammates they panicked, begging him to quit, to get picked up by the car or to even seek medical attention.

The finish line was just a mere 150 yards away, so quitting was NOT an option.

Mustering up the last of his energy, Samir managed to complete the entire 3 miles. As a lifelong competitive athlete and 4x fitness trainer in the world, he had never encountered anything like what he dealt with on the walk. By the end he was delirious and in total agony, glad to have survived the experience but eager to conquer the next challenge.

Watch Samir’s entire walk:

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