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Samir featured on ‘Create Your Own Life’ by Jeremy Slate Podcast

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Featured in Secret Entourage, Influencive, FIOS1, and INC., Create Your Own Life Podcast seeks to be the podcast to inspire every entrepreneur on earth. Jeremy Slate interviews successful entrepreneurs to help listeners create their own life! These inspirational entrepreneurs have been there, they have struggled, and they have come out the other side. Their journeys and stories can serve as a guide to all aspiring entrepreneurs. Three days a week, Jeremy connects listeners with his digital mentors, and this week, it’s our founder Samir Becic!

In the podcast, Samir talks about everything from his first month in America, his fast ascent up the corporate ladder at Bally Total Fitness, winning “Best Trainer in the World” 4 times over, and big news about what’s next in his career. Click here to listen to the full podcast.

Jeremy started the ‘Create Your Own Life’ Podcast in late 2015 and says his life very quickly took off and did a total 180. Now, in addition to interviewing many of the people he admires most on his podcast, he runs GetFeatured.Media and Slate Media Productions.

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