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Texas State Senator Donna Campbell, M.D. Supports Samir’s New Fitness Campaign 2022

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Texas State Senator, Donna Campbell, M.D. of District 25 wrote a letter in response to Samir’s 2022 fitness campaign aimed at motivating prominent American politicians to promote more fitness in light of the staggering CDC statistic that 42% of American adults are now obese.

In her written response to Samir Becic, Senator Campbell states that she appreciates all the efforts that Samir has taken in his fight against obesity. She continues “Not only do I support and admire all of your work, but I will do my best to promote healthier lifestyles on my social media and look into possible legislation in the upcoming session!” Sharing more of her healthy living shouldn’t be a stretch for Senator Campbell, as we know that she’s an avid hiker and runner, and enjoys being active with her 4 daughters!

A significant part of healthy living is not only caring for yourself but also others. Science shows that helping others is beneficial to your mental and physical health. Putting other people’s needs before our own can reduce stress and improve mood, self-esteem, and happiness. Prior to joining the Texas legislature, Dr. Donna Campbell had a successful career as an ophthalmologist. She used her skillset, generosity, and heart for others to perform hundreds of eye surgeries in the West African nation of Ghana.

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