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Thursday, December 3, 2020
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COVID-19 Fitness Challenge: Samir will climb 22 floors with a 150 lbs weighted vest

Samir Becic is no stranger to extreme fitness challenges! Houston's "fitness Czar" previously lived for 6 weeks wearing an extra 200 lbs...

Supplement company iWi donates 2000 bottles of Omega-3 to first responders

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic grips the United States, we need to keep in mind the heroes that are keeping us healthy...

Samir encourages trainers to keep clients fit during COVID-19

Across the nation, gyms are shutting their doors due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Recreational centers, fitness franchises, and...

Samir encourages media to promote healthy lifestyle during social distancing

Across the nation, we all partaking in some social distance due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Recreational centers, fitness franchises,...

CALL TO ACTION: Samir Becic asks all supplement companies in America to supply our first responders!

CALL TO ACTION: All the supplement companies in America should donate their immune-boosting vitamins/minerals to first responders! Nothing is more patriotic right...

Samir Becic speaks at VegOut! kickOff event

HFR founder and Houston's "Fitness Czar" Samir Becic was a kickoff speaker at Recipe for Success's VegOut! Challenge at City Hall!

Samir shares his American Dream in Houstonia Magazine

Houston's own "Fitness Czar" makes an appearance in March's Houstonia magazine as one of the 40 immigrants who came to this city...

Samir and his wife Dijana proclaimed one of Houston’s most stylish couples 2020

Oooh, Valentine's Day. The day to celebrate love. Roses, chocolates, dinner, and romance on the agenda. So is style.

GQ Italy features Samir Becic

Samir Becic gets published in GQ Italia! In a feature about the health benefits of swimming, they quote Samir and mention his...

Samir hosts TV Show City Pulse

Houston’s own “fitness Czar” Samir Becic hosted HTV’s “City Pulse” show! As a guest host, he talked about honoring the longest-serving city...

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Samir Becic Discusses 2020 Election on CNN Balkan

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Top 40 Fittest United States Representatives 2020

Politics can be complicated and dividing sometimes- so let’s take a fresh look at our Reps from a new perspective, shall we?...

Top 20 Fittest Senators 2020

Regardless of party affiliation, it is important that our elected officials demonstrate a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind! 

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