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Monday, June 17, 2024

Day 1 of 28lbs in 28 days

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The challenge has officially begun, and Samir Becic, our founder, and author of ReSYNC Your Life is embarking on his 28lbs in 28 days challenge with you!

He is inviting all of YOU to join him in this weight loss challenge along with him– all you need to do it buy his book and follow him on social media (Instagramtwitter, and facebook), where he will reference his exact formula and what he is doing DAILY (from his book!) to lose 28 lbs in 28 days. Since this is week 1, we will excerpt the parts of the tips in the book he is referencing each day this week, but to get the workout component of this challenge make sure to order your copy today!

Remember, as you progress along this challenge and get results, let us know, so we can highlight and publish you!

Day 1 Food Tip (p. 73)

Drink Plenty of Water: Every time you feel hungry or have a sugar craving, drink a big glass of water and wait ten minutes. More often than not, your craving will pass. We sometimes mistake thirst for hunger, and you may be craving sugar because you’re dehydrated. You should be drinking twelve to fourteen glasses of water every day.

Day 1 Tip To Boost Your Brainpower (p. 113)

Memorize A Poem or part of it: Can’t remember where you put your keys? The name of your best friend’s sister? Why you’re standing in front of the open refrigerator? Memory is one of the first things to fail us as we age. By memorizing something new, like a poem, or a verse, we help to keep our memory sharper.

Day 1 Tip to ReSync Your Spirit and Uplift Your Life (p. 128)

Talk To A Stranger: According to social scientist Elizabeth Dunn, we tend to be pleasant and “put on a happy face” when we interact with a stranger, and we then tend to carry over that positive mood to subsequent interactions without friends and family.

Day 1 ReSYNC Fitness Exercises

Perform the two exercises and two active rest exercises on pages 27-31 of ReSYNC Your Life twice today. Preferably once now, and once before bedtime.

Stay tuned for day 2!

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